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How do I Book a Photographer, Floor Planner or Virtual Staging?2018-05-15T13:15:45+00:00

   Please Find the detailed step by step booking instructions below with helpful pictures.

To begin, visit or click the book now button at the top right of the screen from

Now once you are on the contact page you will scroll down the page and find the booking form.

1. Choose YOUR CITY from the Category Dropdown

2. Choose your required service from the Service Dropdown, by clicking on the dropdown area “Select Service” and scrolling to your service.

3. Select the specific Date you would like us to service you

4. Click the Next button to advance to the next page

After advancing to the next page, you will be on the Time page. Select the specific Date and time by clicking on the time slot.

5. Choose the time and date that works for you.

After clicking on the specific time you will see the Cart page which shows you the Service Name and Price.
PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to book additional services you may click the Book More button and ADD additional services
6. Press the Next button to advance to the next page.
You will now be on the Details page.

7. Please Fill in ALL of the form fields including the Terms of Service and Captcha at the end. Ensure you copy the Captcha exactly as you see it.

8. Press Next to advance to the payment step.
Now you will be on the Payment Step

9. Enter your Credit card number, including the Expiration and the Security Code to Finish the Booking.

10. Click Next to Complete the Booking.
You should See a Thank you for Booking Message. Please check your email for confirmation of the Booking.
How long does it take to receive my Images?2018-01-14T21:47:51+00:00

For Apartments, Condo’s & Town homes which select the Apartment Photography package 6-7 Photos we deliver the Images within 24 hours.

For Commercial Units, Business photography we deliver the images within 24 hours.

For Homes and Estates, we deliver the Images within 48 hours.

Floor Plans and Virtual Staging are delivered within 48 hours of the appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?2018-01-14T21:47:21+00:00

Our cancellation policy is that for inclement weather, Heavy rain & Snow cancellations are free of charge even within 24 hours, in order to re-schedule. Delays due to transportation can be accomodated, however delays greater then 30 min from the scheduled appointment will force a cancellation.

All appointments must be Cancelled more then 24 hours from the scheduled appointment time otherwise there will be a non-refundable fee.

Cancellation due to any of the following (Less then 24 hours before the appointment time) will incurs a 50% charge of the total booking fee. (i.e if total charge is $140 the customer will be refunded $70)

  1. Space is messy and not photo ready and customer decides to re-schedule rather then photograph the unit. (if unit is replaced with another unit on the same day the photographer is on site, there will be no extra charge)
  2. Tenants do not allow entry to photograph or take measurements.
  3. Photographer/Floor Planner is not allowed entry to the building or space due to customers fault (not arranging before hand…etc)
  4. Customer fails to show up to scheduled appointment.
  5. Customer is unable to arrive to the scheduled appointment due to traffic or other reason without calling to update the photographer (greater then 30 min delay).
What are your packages and what do they include?2018-07-31T16:15:07+00:00

Studio Apartment – $99

5 photographs, 30 minutes on site

Our Studio Apartment package is our most basic package. This package is exclusively for Studio Apartments.

Apartment – $150

5-6 photographs, 30 minutes on site

Our rental package is our most popular package. This package is ideal and exclusive to small to medium sized rental units only.

Home – $200

20 photographs, up to 1 hours on site

Our Home photography package is the best value. Providing our valued customers with 15-20 high definition images illustrating the finest details of homes & estates.

Commercial – $165

7-9 photographs, 1 hour on site

A one-hour engagement to capture your commercial property, business, or exterior space with one of Josh Mak Photography’s photographers trained to highlight your space and capture it at it’s best.

Event – $155/hr

2 hours minimum / priced per photographer

Josh Mak Photography professional photographers are experts at shooting events large and small. Including real estate open house events, ribbon cutting ceremonies, business expos, office parties and much more.

Portraits – $150/person

6-8 photographs, up to 40 min on site

Our Business Portrait service caters to the needs of Realtors, Attorneys and other professionals seeking high quality Portraiture /headshots to represent their business online and in marketing materials.

Apartment Photography Packages

Studio Apartment

  • Studio Apartment Only
  • 5 photographs
  • For Rental Units
  • Standard Processing
  • 30 min on location

1 Apartment

  • All Apartments
  • 6-7 Photographs
  • For Rental/Sale Units
  • Includes HDR processing
  • 30 min on location

2 Apartments

  • All Apartments
  • 6-7 Photographs
  • For Rental/Sale Units
  • Advanced HDR processing
  • 30 min on location

5 Apartments

  • All Apartments
  • 6-7 Photographs
  • For Rental/Sale Units
  • Advanced HDR processing
  • 30 min on location
Do you offer Bulk discounting for larger orders?2018-01-14T22:18:01+00:00

Yes we do! See our bulk discount below. All orders valid for 1 year from the date of purchase therefore for example if your business order the 50 apartment package, you would have one year from the date of purchase to schedule 50 units to be photographed by Josh Mak Photography. Our prices are the best in the industry and we have the top talent. Our extensive network of photographers ensures no job is too small or too big.

10 Apartments

  • All Apartments
  • 6-8 Photographs
  • For Rental/Sale Units
  • Advanced HDR processing
  • 30 min on location

30 Apartments

  • All Apartments
  • 6-10 Photographs
  • For Rental/Sale Units
  • Advanced HDR processing
  • 30 min on location

50 Apartments

  • All Apartments
  • 6-10 Photographs
  • For Rental/Sale Units
  • Advanced HDR processing
  • 30 min on location

100 Apartments

  • All Apartments
  • 6-10 Photographs
  • For Rental/Sale Units
  • Advanced HDR processing
  • 30 min on location
If I refer a business or friend do you offer a referral fee?2018-01-14T22:18:07+00:00

Yes! In fact we offer a 15% discount towards your next order per person/business who actually uses our services. There is no limit to the discount, therefore, for example if you refer 10 people who book with us, your next job 10 jobs with us will be 15% off of the total order.

Spread the word about Josh Mak Photography and reap the benefits of future discounts on your orders!


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