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New York high-quality cutting edge technology so you can experience any physical environment in 3D.

Matterport is the most realistic way to immersive yourself anywhere in 3D.

Real Estate

Give buyers and sellers an experience that captures the essence of your property.

Public Venues

Entice, attract and engage people before they arrive.

Venues & Mega Clubs

Showcase your venue and give people a feel for their night before it begins.


Know where you’re going and make the best of a special time before you arrive.


Dive into a revolutionary way to market and sell products.


An innovative way to share construction project updates and progress.


Matterport 3D Tour Services

Up to 500 sq/ft

  • Floor Plan Package 1

500 -1000 sq/ft

  • Floor Plan Package 2

1000 - 1500 sq/ft

  • Floor Plan Package 3

1500 - 2000 sq/ft

  • Floor Plan Package 4

2500+ sq/ft

$Custom Quote
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Josh Mak Photography counts all spaces as ROOMS besides the Foyer and small closets.
Living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, terrace, Walk in Closet, etc… will all be counted towards the total room count.  

Floorplan Services

Floor plan Measurement Rates: Floor Plan Package 1 - 0-500 sq/ft = $99 Floor Plan Package 2 - 501-1000 sq/ft = $175 Floor Plan Package 3 - 1001-1500 sq/ft = $245 Floor Plan Package 4 - 1501-2000 sq/ft = $310 Floor Plan Package 5 - 2001-2500 sq/ft = $370 Floor Plan Package 6 - 2501-3000 sq/ft = $425

Home/Townhouse/Commercial Floor-plan

As built floor plans utilizing professional architects and engineers to get the most precise measurements for any space.


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